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Schaum Law’s Physician Advocate legal team plays a crucial role in enhancing the NYS political process as well as engaging the public regarding changes. Our firm devotes time to advocating for the issues that matter most to physicians, their medical staff and team members.

Through our involvement with the NYS Physician Advocate program, we may confront the managed care companies through legislation, lobbing the Congress to increase Medicare payments, or preventing taxes on physicians. In a society confronted with pressing issues of equality and access to health care, the role of physician advocates is crucial in gaining awareness and implementing legal change were necessary.

Physician Advocacy Law Firm

Our goal is to make professionalism in medicine relevant to physicians, leaders of medical organizations, policy analysts, public officials, and consumers. Our law office advocates for physicians in all specialties and is particularly active in the areas of tort reform, prompt pay issues, managed care accountability and scope of practice issues.

Our firm specializes in serving physicians and other healthcare providers in the Medical, Life Sciences and Managed Care industries. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing physicians, healthcare facilities and managed care companies.  Contact us for a discussion on how we might be able to assist you and your organization to increase awareness to your particular issue and also help you gain support in obtaining legal, political and corporate support for your physician advocate cause.

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