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It is always recommended to hire a legal team to assist when a medical professional becomes the subject of the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) investigation. It is critical that they enlist an experienced attorney as soon as possible. New York State investigates every complaint, regardless of the cases merit. The OPMC investigations are thorough, and one wrong step could seriously impact the career of the person being investigated. Our firm has been assisting the medical profession with OPMC claims for over 40 years.  Contact us for information on how we might be able to help you with your OPMC investigation and potential legal case.

Experienced New York OPMC Defense Firm

The Board for Professional Medical Conduct has the authority to revoke, suspend, or limit a physician's license, issue a censure and reprimand, order education and/or retraining, levy a fine, or require community service. Our professional staff reviews the complaint and thoroughly investigates the facts pertaining to the case.

All Office of Professional Medical Conduct complaints are kept confidential. A charge of misconduct is serious and there must be sufficient evidence of a possible violation before a hearing is held. If an investigation uncovers sufficient evidence, the case is presented to an investigation committee. We help our clients respond to OPMC communications.

Our legal staff has provided OPMC assistance to many clients who have been contacted by the state agency.  We specialize in thoroughly investigating the case being brought against the medical professional to determine the best course of action.  Our confidential approach to investigation techniques provide us and our clients with insight into the root or primary basis of the OPMC claim; therefore, we can develop a specific legal and logical approach to addressing the merits of the OPMC claim with the proper NYS authority.

Hiring a Florida Medical Quality Assurance License Defense (MQA) Firm

The Florida Department of Health, through its Division of Medical Quality Assurance (MQA), determines whether health care practitioners meet licensure requirements. MQA's three key business processes are licensure, enforcement and information.

  • Licensure activities include preparing and administering licensure examinations; issuing and renewing licenses; tracking licensure conditions and restrictions; monitoring compliance with continuing education and financial responsibility requirements.
  • Enforcement activities include receiving, analyzing, and investigating complaints and reports; tracking licensees' compliance with disciplinary sanctions; inspecting health care facilities; issuing citations and emergency suspension and restriction orders; conducting disciplinary proceedings; and combating unlicensed activity.
  • Information and data activities include providing easy access to licensure and disciplinary information and ensuring that data is accurate, timely, consistent and reliable; and collecting and reporting workforce data.
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