Sale of Medical Practice Valuation Attorney

Many physicians, CPAs and consultants do not realize that consulting on medical practice valuation, sale of medical practice and practice-equity-transfer (like buy-in, pay-out and merger) is a licensed activity generally limited to attorneys and licensed brokers. Our attorneys are licensed for NYS and Florida medical practice valuation, sale of medical practice consulting and legal services.

If a physician or medical practice is considering the sale or merger with another entity, attention must be paid to assessing the valuation of the practice.  In addition, sale of medical practice laws are very specific as to the seller and buyer responsibilities in transferring confidential medical records.  Retiring partners have specific rights in the sale of medical practice and valuation issues.  Our firm is proficient and experiences in assisting in establishing the proper valuation of a New York or Florida sale of medical practice.

Hiring an Attorney for Sale of Medical Practice

The amount of time required to do the valuation report depends to a large extent on the quality of data and financial information provided to us. Data or financial statements that are unclear or not to specialty standards may require more research, and therefore more time. If a valuation report has already been performed by someone else, and it is current and of acceptable quality, we can use that existing appraisal in the sale of the practice in New York and Florida.

Our team also supports the sale process. We list the practice opportunity in appropriate locations. This may include commercial web sites and the medical society web site if listings are available. At times, we also place the ad in appropriate medical journals.

The selling practitioner or medical practice ownership must obtain a valuation of the practice in order to properly determine the “value to the purchaser” long before initiating the price negotiations concerning a sale of medical practice.  This process must entail a thorough appraisal of all property, including both tangible and intangible assets.  There are numerous methods used to address the capitalization of earnings, discretionary cash method, discounted future earnings and finally a rule-of-thumb method used in establishing the valuation and sale of medical practice within the states of New York and Florida.

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