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When a physician has had his/her New York State or Florida Medical License revoked, there is a specific procedure used to attempt to have the license reinstated. There are many reasons for revocation i.e., drug/alcohol issues, incompetence, sexual issues, fraud, conviction of a felony, etc. Our legal team works with clients who desire to have their license reinstated. They need to understand the procedures and legal elements that come to play during the restoration procedure.

Our experienced team of medical license restoration attorneys are prepared to assist the medical professional with any issue related to the potential revocation of a state medical license.  We offer in-depth investigative services that will identify potential areas of concern as well as potentially identifying inaccurate or limited information brought about by the state licensing board.

Reinstatement and Restoration of Medical License Attorney

Prior to restoration of the physician’s license, the State Medical Board of New York requires various conditions are met, but not limited to the following.

  • The physician must submit an Application of Restoration.
  • The physician shall be subject to a Psychiatric Assessment evidencing fitness to practice, including recommended limitations and/or a treatment plan, if any.
  • The physician shall be subject to a Board approved Practice Plan and his activities shall be supervised and overseen by a Monitoring Physician.

Florida Medical License Restoration Defense Firm

The Florida Department of Health, through its Division of Medical Quality Assurance (MQA), determines whether health care practitioners meet licensure requirements. Disciplinary actions by the FDOH may qualify for license restoration.  Schaum Law defends the rights of medical professionals in cases where medical license restoration may be possible. Contact us for specialized legal services regarding legal defense against MQA claims for medical license restoration..

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